Shipping and return policies for Inner Demons Records

Shipping Info
All shipping will be done through the US Postal Service. Once the package leaves our soft, tender hands we have no control over the length of time that the precious sonic cargo will take to arrive at its destination. Theoretically it should take less time for a package to reach a destination one state away than if it is traveling to some remote location in central Africa. With that in mind it once took 6 months for a package to come to us from 3 states away and we sometimes receive packages 3 days after they were sent from Europe.
Return Policy
You can't return MP3s. That would be silly.

As for physical product, we can't be held responsible for any losses or mangling that may happen in transit. In the unlikely event that you should receive a defective disc please contact us and we will ship you a new disc (disc only, no artwork).

As most of our products will be limited and numbered, we cannot take requests for specific numbers.